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Our services

Our firm has provided the following top quality services to our customers .


We provide a full range of accounting assistance including

Maintaining accounting books and records according to the Laws of Libya.

* Presentation and disclosure of financial statements.

* Consultancy on accounting policies.

* Consultancy on Libyan Law and the regulations to be observed.

* Consultancy on accounting systems and internal control.


Our customers are corporations, whose requirement for audit is prescribed by their Articles of Association or in a different way as demanded under Libyan Law. We ensure the highest levels of performance of our services in accordance with international auditing practices and standards. 


We guide our customers through compliance with the steadily increasing and complex requirements of Libyan fiscal legislation with great emphasis being placed upon tax planning. Our comprehensive service on taxation for corporate and personal clients includes the following taxes .

 * Corporate tax .

 * Salaries and wages tax .

 * Jihad tax .

 * Stamp duties.

 * Withholding taxes.

 All options are thoroughly reviewed with each customer and the agreements on tax liabilities as stated by Libyan Law. On behalf of our customers, we successfully negotiate tax liabilities with the Libyan Tax Authorities. Our advisory services include regular updating on the tax and fiscal laws and regulations, as well as any related developments.

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